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Welcome to the transforming power web site. Below is Judy Rebick's blog, which also appears on rabble.ca. I write mostly about social movements which today means a focus on Occupy.  My newest book is an e book Occupy This!

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Below is an excerpt that appeared in rabble.ca

Why I don't celebrate Canada Day and never have.

I don't celebrate Canada Day, never have.  Political protests that talk about "taking back Canada" make me uncomfortable.  "We," the people who live here, have never had Canada. Even if some people's romantic idea of what Canada was in some distant past when Tommy Douglas was standing for medicare or when Pierre Elliot Trudeau was unwilling to see homosexuality be illegal, I still wouldn't celebrate Canada.  July 1 was the day that Canada was formed.

What is compassionate activism and how can we practice it?

by Judy Rebick and Velcrow Ripper

We have been great friends for the last ten years. Judy comes from a history of left and feminist activism, Velcrow is an activist film maker who has focused on environmental and spiritual activism. Over these ten years, we have learned a lot from each other, leading to collaboration on each of our projects.

My favourite story about Margaret Thatcher

IWD: What's the way forward

As an aging feminist I am often asked to speak about the progress we have made as feminists and how much is left to do. It gets depressing sometimes because of the persistence of violence against women and economic inequality. I am despairing of the deep gendered divide in children's toys and the heavy load placed upon young women expected to be beautiful, thin, successful, a great mom and too often chief cook and bottle washer at home. Not to mention daily viewing the old Reform party anti-feminists running the country.

Stories from the front line of the victorious abortion struggle in Canada

Judy Rebick was the spokesperson for the Morgentaler Clinic when it first opened in Toronto and later a key spokesperson for the Ontario Coalition for Abortion Clinics

Monday, January 28 is the anniversary of the deepest and most important victory the women's movement in Canada has ever had. After almost 20 years of struggle, beginning with the Abortion Caravan in 1970, the Supreme Court of Canada struck down the abortion law in a landmark decision citing women's right to privacy -- in effect women's rights to control their own bodies.


Idle No More: A profound social movement that is already succeeding

I haven’t written about Idle No More yet because I am inspired by the plethora of Indigenous voices that we are finally hearing across the country, including of late in the mainstream media.  If I learned anything from the women’s movement it is that we have to speak for ourselves not be represented by others, however well meaning and supportive.  Instead I have devoted my support for the movement to sharing the many brilliant and informative articles, the announcements and reports of events and the beautiful graphics and photos from Idle No More to my rather large soc

2012: A Year of Activism from Maple Spring to Idle No More

I think we will look back at 2012 as the year that everything changed. The year began with what became a powerful strike of Quebec students against an intransigent government and ended with an historic movement of Indigenous peoples across the country declaring they will be Idle No More.

So sad for the people of Gaza

I haven't written a blog in a long time but the recent attack on Gaza has moved me to write.  During the last attack in 2009, I was angry, furious at the slaughter of hundreds of people of Gaza trapped in a tiny slip of land without any protection.  So I participated in an occupation of Jewish women of the Israeli consulate.  As you will see from the video I was furious and ready for action.  This time my feeling is more sadness.

The common language of pots and pans

I am sitting in a cafe in Calgary crying while I watch another joyous and beautiful video of the pots and pans marches in Quebec - "The Sound Your Life Makes." I don't know if it is the inspiring music of ordinary people coming into the streets to defy an unjust law; the awesome courage and determination of the Quebec students; or the shifting sands of the global youth uprising, but for the first time in my lifetime there is a solidarity movement growing in