John Cartwright Reviews "Transforming Power"

John Cartwright, President of the Toronto and York District Labour Council, offers up his thoughts on Transforming Power. Click on the .pdf below to download and read the review that originally appeared in Our Times

19th century bike tricks

When Tim Duncan found out Richard Jefferson didn't return a phone call from Gregg Popovich after the Spurs coach traded for the Bucks star, he fired a text message to his new teammate.

"The Twilight Parade"...Brilliant!!

James Auchincloss was just 6 years old when he carried the wedding train of his half-sister Jackie up the aisle as she married John F. Kennedy in 1953.

19th century bike tricks

I think this may be the first time Im listed first on anything alphabetical. The S in my surname usually puts me near the back of the aphabetical bus; but with Weinberger and Zittrains help, Im listed first. Cool. I also love the early-60s design and typeface.That title So Hows Utopia Working Out For Ya?

#Cluetrain @10

As previously noted, I've been playing with XtraDB a bit at work. Over a week ago I decided to test compression on one of our larger tables and it took a bit longer than I expected. (root@db_server) [db_name]> ALTER TABLE table_name \ ROW_FORMAT=COMPRESSED KEY_BLOCK_SIZE=4; Query OK, 825994826 rows affected (8 days 14 hours 23 min 47.08 sec) Records: 825994826 Duplicates: 0 Warnings: 0 Zoiks! It's too bad we couldn't use all the cores on the machine for the ALTER TABLE,...

19th century bike tricks

Ill be spending Sunday in Ridgefield, Connecticut looking at Edward Tuftes new sculpture and hearing him speak at 4 pm (details). This should be convenient for anyone in the New York City area, particularly as the museum has an option for bus transportation to and from Manhattan (takes about 1:15 to drive). Having seen some

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