Love in the Time of Climate Crisis: Become part of the Evolve Love team

Imagination has always been important to change but today more than ever.  I just finished teaching an intensive course on social movements that changed the world and realized that nothing I did opened the minds of my students more than documentaries.  Now in a struggle for survival of the planet a new film is in development that I think can open our minds and hearts to the kind of change we need and you can be part of helping it along

Velcrow Ripper is a Gemini winning film maker who has been working on a trilogy for more than a decade.  Now he is making the third and in my view most important film of the Fierce Light triology, Evolve Love: Love in the Time of Climate Crisis.   He is crowd sourcing financing for this remarkable film on the movement for climate change and for as little as $10 you can become part of the team to send Evolve Love to Cancun for the Climate Change conference that starts next week.

Velcrow, who became a close friend after I saw Scared Sacred, the first in the trilogy is remarkable as film maker not only because he goes beneath the surface of things, but also because he finds stories of hope, compassion and transformation wherever he travels in the world. 

Here's what he says in his latest blog,

"We can’t know what the future will hold - no one does. But whether we will be able to “save the planet” or not, the greatest source of hope and meaning lies in taking action, from the heart. We have the opportunity now to join in on the celebration of possibility, to align ourselves with the forces of life.  We’ll need to become skilled at walking the line between urgency and hope, maintaining our balance in a world out of balance. I’m convinced that out of the crucible of crisis, the greatest love story on earth could be born."
When governments failed to come to any serious agreement at Copenhagen, a new global movement for climate justice emerged that met at the invitation of Evo Morales in Cochabamba and came us with a People's Agreement on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth and a plan of action, which is now being led at an international level by La Via Campesina and in Canada by a coalition of groups.
These groups have already published a extraordinary poll based on the main proposals of the Cochabamba agreement, are planning People's Assemblies on Climate Change across the country on December 6 and actions in solidarity with the mass actions in Cancun on December 7. 
Velcrow's raising money to capture the full emergence of this movement and its leaders.  You can get engaged in many ways in what I consider the most important struggle for transformation in the world today but one way you can help right now is to make a pledge to support Evolve Love and be part of the solution



Wind and Fossil

“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.” – attributed to Honest Abe Lincoln.

We’ve been had. Hoodwinked. Duped. Conned. Fooled. The wool over my eyes is starting to itch. The ONLY way we can reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and the potential devastating effects of global warming and climate change is by leaving fossil fuels right where we found them: buried underground or deep in our oceans.

Harnessing wind energy could help us achieve that goal, but ONLY if the energy produced is somehow stored so it can be used when needed; such as in a battery bank. That is not happening.

Without storing the energy produced by wind we are actually making matters worse. We are actually INCREASING our dependency on fossil fuels. That sounds pretty stupid when you first hear it, but when you look at how the electricity grid works it becomes crystal clear. Wind turbines need to be paired with fossil turbines to make it work. Supply has to match demand or the grid collapses. Only fossil fits the bill. The more wind turbines that get erected the more fossil generation we need. The hope is that “one day” we’ll solve the storage issue. Problem is, if we don’t, we’re stuck with fossil generation because of wind energy. Talk about putting the cart before the horse.

We’re sacrificing the lives of thousands of bats and birds for nothing, not to mention the human impact they are having.

This is wrong.

Check this out:

Robert F Kennedy Jr. – Solar Thermal and Utility Scale Wind are Gas Plants

Recent intensive course

I would just like to say that I was one of Judy's students who attended her intensive course on social movements and how they can change things.
I can't speak for all the other students, but, I, personally got one heck of a lot out of this course and would highly recommend it to anyone that has a desire and passion to learn all they can on the history of social movements and what is actually out there today.
Yes, we hear of marches, sit-ins, stand-offs, gatherings of one sort or another, but I'm not so sure people really take the time to understand what they are all about or the people that are involved in changes they are trying to bring about, or at least get others to listen to while being educated on their plight.
I was one of those people who would hear of activists doing this and that, and think they were just wasting their time. But when I got into the course and actually saw and listened to how groups have made changes and in other countries, people are more in tune with wanting to save the planet and its resources, much more than in North America, I became more aware of my own thoughts and took a good look at my past career and the changes I had been part of in my field with people with disabilities that had happened. I was sort of "a one person" locomotive who did my own activating on behalf of their rights and freedoms, whether they were still in an institution or already in the community. But my own rebel attitude influenced many people in Gov't and management so these individuals had a say in their lives.
But from the course, I learned so much more on a global level and areas that we can all participate in in some way or another. There are so many issues that are critical on this planet, whether it be environmental, political, women's issues, indigenous people, etc., we should start listening and doing more.
I just wanted to let people know that Judy not only opened my mind, she made me want to continue and advocate in other areas of socialism.
Thank you.

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