Moving note from Palestinian Woman

My name is Rima Khoreibi. I am a Palestinian -Canadian, but I reside in
Dubai. I'm a wife, a mother of two boys and a children's author. Last
week I received an email with a YouTube attachment of a video
portraying an act of such humanity and the true meaning of integrity.
The video is of you, 8 remarkable women who put back the meaning of hopein this unjust world. I always argue, the world does not have to be
pro-Palestinian, but pro-Justice. All of you are true examples of that.
I could not have gone on another day without thanking you. Thank you for
your leadership, for your bravery, for your love, for your integrity,
and for your justice. And while the woman, children and the men of Gaza
may not ever get a chance to see how you have stood up for them, I
can pledge they thank you from the bottom of their hearts. We all do.

Much love,


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