Remembering The Waffle, For an Independent Socialist Canada...huh...

Yesterday I did something I rarely do. I participated in an academic seminar.   It was to mark the 40th anniversity of The Waffle, a radical youth movement inside the NDP.   Hardly anyone under 50 knows what The Waffle was, unless you have ever tried to organize an opposition in the NDP where it remains a scary ghost.   But it was a significant and almost unique formation of the 1960's in Canada.   Apparently scholarship on the 1960's is the hottest thing in academe these days.   Who knew?

Climate Action Blog Day

Today is Blog Action Day on Climate Change.  Bloggers around the world are writing to promote Global Action.  I hope lots of us in Canada are participating since our government is about the worse climate criminal around.  Shaming the Harper Tories to do better  or even do anything on climate change  is not going to work but you can sign the petition and show that the people of Canada are not behind the government on this one.

P2P Foundation Names "Transforming Power" Book of the Week

The P2P Foundation, which highlights books that recognize how technology reflects a change of consciousness towards participation and in turn strengthens it, has just announced that "Transfroming Power" is its current Book of the Week.

To read the Foundation's review of the book, click here.

So's your grandma

This is a piece I wrote because I was so upset about the incredible attacks on the TIFF protesters and in particular on Naomi Klein who played a major role in getting Hollywood stars to sign on to the Toronto Declaration .  It was published today in the National Post with the headline "Naomi Klein vs Angry Jewish Males."

Petropolis, art meets activism

Last night I went to see the final showing of Petropolis, Aerial Perspectives on the Alberta Tar Sands directed by Peter Mettler and produced by Greenpeace.   It was an extraordinary experience that I will never forget.


September 11 1973 and 2001, we should remember both and say never again.

I am old enough to remember September 11, 1973 and young enough that the terrible coup in Chile had a lasting effect on my life despite the fact that I was far away in Vancouver at the time.  Hundreds murdered that day and thousands over all , killed, tortured, exiled and disappeared. 

Judy Rebick on TVO's "The Allan Gregg Show"

See below for the entire video from Judy's talk on the Allan Gregg Show. Judy discusses "Transforming Power", and how globalization and communications technology are changing democracy.

Stand with Van Jones

"Martin Luther King didn't become famous saying I have a complaint," said Van Jones speaking to the Network of Spiritual Activists.  As you have probably heard one of the most eloquent environmental justice activists in the U.S. has resigned from Obama's White House under a relentless right-wing assault of what he calls "lies and distortions."  You will get some idea of what a visionary he is by watching this short video from Fierce Light

Bravo to John Greyson who has pulled his film from TIFF to protest their tribute to Tel Aviv

Every once in a while the act of an individual can make a big difference to a struggle.  Yesterday, Toronto film maker and long-time gay activist John Greyson wrote an open letter to the directors of the Toronto International Film Festival pulling his short film Covered out of TIFF in protest of their spotlight on Tel Aviv.  His courageous action and eloquent letter, reproduced below, is a significant contribution to the Palestinian solidarity movement and the Boycott Divestment and Sanction strategy that it has adopted to shine a light on the inexcusable aggression of Israel against the Palestinian people.  Please read the letter below, watch the film and write to TIFF in protest of their decision

The Power of No

“We have a choice. We still have fresh water, clean air, and forests. We can still hunt and fish and trap and we will never give up the right to protect our traditional lands and our traditional way of life.” Sam McKay,  KI spokesperson
Yesterday, we heard the tremendous news that the First Nations led protest of Dump Site 41 to stop the spoiling of a pristine watershed by a dump site had succeeded.  The Tiny Township City Council voted for a one year moratorium.  Initiated by a peaceful sit-in of women from the Beausoleil First Nation, the protest grew to include many local townspeople, support of the Council of Canadians and a growing chorus of environmentalists.