Chapter One

People's Globalization

Writing an e book

After I visited Occupy Wall Street in mid-October, I wrote my publisher Penguin and suggested that they re-issue Transforming Power as an e book since it covers a lot of elements that helped to build towards Occupy.  They came back with the proposal of a special E book that we could get out quickly with a mix of new material with some material from the previous book.  They said it would sell for $3.99.  What a great idea I thought.  Now five months later the E book is out called Occupy This! You can buy it on Kindle or, Kobo or Chapters and i

Toronto Call : No More Police State Tactics

Below is a statement that you are being asked to sign.   We believe it is urgent to get as many signatures on a call for a public inquiry We believe it is possible to shift the terms to debate, and to shine a spotlight on the abusive police practices during the G8/G20. But we need your help to do that.

 Please sign on and circulate the call widely to friends, colleagues, allies and networks who might be willing to sign.  

Email  and with your name, affiliation and which category you prefer to be placed in (trade unionists, faculty, students, community activists, legal workers, teachers, cultural workers, arrested and detained)


The police response to the protests against the G8/G20 in Toronto was the largest mass arrest in Canadian history, surpassing the 1993 Clayoquot Sound logging blockade.

It constituted the most far-reaching single assault on political
rights in the Canadian state since the War Measures Act of 1970.

Toronto is burning! Or is it?

For people sitting at home and watching TV news last night, Toronto was burning.  The same police car on Queen St W. burned and blew up over and over again.  The same image of a young man very violently smashing Starbucks windows appeared over and over again.  Windows smashed all along Yonge St.  None of us had ever seen Toronto like this.  It was shocking. 

Lucas Oleniuk, Toronto Star

All out at Queen's Park today: Stand up for Democracy and Protest the G20

This morning police raided a Toronto home and arrested four organizers.  No doubt this is an example of preventative detention yet another tactic in the arsenal of repression known as the Miami protocol that has turned our city into a police state. 

The Fire This Time: Burning Bridges by Steve D’Arcy and Syrah Canyon

This is an excellent argument against the fire bombing of an RBC branch in Ottawa in protest of the RBC 's financing of the Olympics and the Tar Sands, and one of the best critiques of "diversity of tactics" that I have seen.  Originally published The Bullet, published by Socialist Project

World Social Forum on the Move by Boaventura de Sousa Santos

Below is a new article on the WSF by Boaventura de Sousa Santos

At the end January 2010, there was an important evaluation of the ten years of the World Social Forum (WSF) in Porto Alegre (Brazil), including a debate on its future. At the same time, many events took place in seven cities in the metropolitan region, which gathered more than thirty thousand people. The major media did not report on this. They rather inundated their readers with details about the meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) taking place in Davos. This is odd, since the analyses and previsions of the WSF during the last decade turned out to be much more precise than those advanced by the WEF.

Standing in solidarity with workers in China by Winnie Ng

Below is a speech that trade union activist and feminst Winnie Ng is giving to the Toronto and York District Labour Council on June 4

During the spring of 1989, thousands of students and workers occupied the Tiananmen Square calling for an end to corruption, freedom of speech and political reform. At the height of the protest, 1 million plus people were demonstrating across the country with such fervent hope for human rights and democracy in China.  At first the Chinese government let the protest be then on June 4, 1989, they launched a bloody military crackdown where as many as 2,000 students and workers were killed.

Imagine the world if the students and workers of Tianamen Square had triumphed

Today is the 20th Anniversary of the massacre at Tianamen Square.  Imagine how the world might have been different if those students and workers who so bravely faced down soldiers and tanks would have triumphed in their demands for a more democratic society. 

Professors, protest and Palestine

One of the sessions that I participated in during the Congress was a meeting that the Gindin Chair co-sponsored with Faculty4Palestine.   The Gindin Chair has been sponsoring sessions at the Congress ever since its foundation in 2002 trying to bring some activism into Academe.  This is the first time that I've been part of a truly activist event including faculty and student discussing a real struggle that had happened over the past year. It was exhilarating. The importance of the event could be noted by the attack against it in the National Post the day before it happened.

Urgent Action to defend Tamil rights needed

The following is a statement issued by Canadian Academics for Tamil Rights and contains a set of demands on the Canadian Government in face of the current crisis.   Please circulate 

The armed conflict in Sri Lanka has now been declared concluded by the government of Sri Lanka.   However the conditions on the ground continue to require urgent international attention.   The fate of 72, 000 civilians still trapped in the tiny “safe zone” remains uncertain, with disturbing reports that the Sri Lankan army is continuing to shell the area. Some 25,000 injured need treatment, but there are no functioning hospitals and the Sri Lankan government continues to bar medical and food aid in the form of personnel and supplies. Over 200, 000 displaced Tamils are languishing in camps, where they have been subject to starvation, brutal harassment and even torture.