Chapter Six

Embracing Diversity

Outrage spreads over Israeli attack on unarmed human rights activists. Report from Israel

I woke up at 3 am today for some reason and looked at my blackberry twitter feed. I couldn't believe my eyes. Israeli Defense Forces had just attacked the Gaza Freedom Flotilla killing human rights activists and trying to defend it by some cock and bull story about lynch mobs. I haven't felt that kind of horror since I heard about the massacre in Sabra and Shatila in 1982, not because the death toll is as high but because of the understanding that the Israeli government will stop on nothing. Please go out to the protests in your town. List follows as does a statement from the Alternate Information Center, a Palestinian/Israeli group in Israel.

Building a new labour movement

Last night I spoke at a fundraising event for the legendary Highlander Center that was part of a three day gathering of labour and community activists organized by the Labour Education Centre.  It was an amazing event.  Incredible diversity, majority people of colour, lots of poor people, many young people.  It was politically diverse from people who have just gotten active to veteran activists, from service workers to anti-capitalist activists, from union, community, and even academia.  And on top of that it was a US/Canada collaboration beginning an 8 month project to build connections between labour and community in Toronto.

Viva Rosie Douglas: 40th Anniversary of Computer Trashing at Sir George Williams

Today is the 40th Anniversary of the trashing of the computer room at Sir George Williams University in Montreal .  Rosie Douglas and other student activists were protesting a racist professor.  It was one of the most important actions of the student movement and the burgeoning Black Power movement in Canada at the time.