Why I don't celebrate Canada Day and never have.

I don't celebrate Canada Day, never have.  Political protests that talk about "taking back Canada" make me uncomfortable.  "We," the people who live here, have never had Canada. Even if some people's romantic idea of what Canada was in some distant past when Tommy Douglas was standing for medicare or when Pierre Elliot Trudeau was unwilling to see homosexuality be illegal, I still wouldn't celebrate Canada.  July 1 was the day that Canada was formed.

Speaking to massive rally for democracy in Toronto

Thanks to Tor Sandberg of rabbletv, here is a speech I gave to the anti-proroguing rally in Toronto.  There were about 10,000 people there and another 15,000 at least across the country'


A powerful grassroots movement for democracy is building in Canada

Am I the only one who saw Stephen Harper's nose grow on the National last night?  As he responded to Peter Mansbridge's question about how he had changed, he said that partisanship was now really the terrain of the Opposition.  Perhaps he hadn't consulted with his old pal Tom Flanigan who explained in today's Globe in a piece called Polarization, Ad Hoc Alliances and Fear of Election how completely partisan Harper's strategy is. Harper is in perpetual campaign mode, says Flanigan.  Maybe this time, Harper has outsmarted himself.

Solidarity with the Tamils now to stop this "brazen openly racist war."

Yesterday I visited the Tamil sit-in in front of the US embassy.  After a couple of months of protesting in Ottawa and Toronto in the largest demonstrations in memory with little response from the government,  the Tamil community has decided to block University Avenue demanding that the Canadian and US government pressure Sri Lanka to stop killing civilians and allow humanitarian aid into to assist Tamils trapped in the war zone.  More than 6,500 ethnic Tamils are already dead according to the UN.

Minister of Truth Jason Kenney

What is going on in this country?  First we have a major campaign from the coalition of mainstream Jewish organizations, the National Post and  Immigration Minister Jason Kenney (hereafter called Minister of Truth) to shut down Israel Apartheid Week.   That failed.  So now the same triumvirate is supporting the decision of custom officials to refuse entry into Canada to British MP George Galloway, a strong critic of Israel on the absurd notion that he is a threat to national security.