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Imagination has always been important to change but today more than ever.  I just finished teaching an intensive course on social movements that changed the world and realized that nothing I did opened the minds of my students more than documentaries.  Now in a struggle for survival of the planet a new film is in development that I think can open our minds and hearts to the kind of change we need and you can be part of helping it along

Historic World People's Summit on Climate Change begins in Cochabamba

Today is the opening of the First World People's Summit on Climate Change in Cochabamba, Bolivia.  Called by President Evo Morales after the failure of UN climate talks in Copenhagen, the Summit has attracted more than 50 countries and more than 10,000 delegates.  Nevertheless it is likely the North American mainstream media will ignore it.  You can follow the Summit live on internet tv, on alternative media and Democracy Now and in European media Guardian UK.

Climate Action Blog Day

Today is Blog Action Day on Climate Change.  Bloggers around the world are writing to promote Global Action.  I hope lots of us in Canada are participating since our government is about the worse climate criminal around.  Shaming the Harper Tories to do better  or even do anything on climate change  is not going to work but you can sign the petition and show that the people of Canada are not behind the government on this one.

Evo Morales: The Earth is much more important than the stock exchanges of Wall Street and the world

Another visionary in ending the scourge of industrialization and solving the problems of climate change is Evo Morales, President of Brazil.  In a recent speech to the UN he outlined ten points for solving climate change.  They are republished below:

By Evo Morales Ayma, President of Bolivia