Giving and receiving: a celebration of friendship

I am starting to blog again after a month’s absence. I needed time off from everything to recharge. It has been a very intense six months starting with the occupation of Jewish women of the Israeli consulate to protest the assault on Gaza ,   going through the launch and tour of Transforming Power , and ending with the launch of Fierce Light, my friend Velcrow Ripper’s new film, in which I play a small part.   By the time it was all over, not counting my work at Ryerson, the solidarity with the Tamil and three presentations at the Congress of Humanities and Social Sciences, I was exhausted and recovering from a torn ligament in my knee and pneumonia. I just needed to stop.

FierceLight, the secret of activism

If you need a dose of inspiration and belief in humanity's ability to save itself and the planet, go to see Fierce Light this week-end.  The beautiful and moving film about what Velcrow Ripper calls "spiritual activism" opens this week-end in Toronto at the Cumberland, Vancouver at the Fifth Avenue Cinema and Montreal at the AMC.   I am also in the film.

Documentary film and social transformation: some thoughts from a recent convert

It's the week of Hot Docs, as I have heard at every screening, the largest documentary film festival in the world.  And it is great.  I'm a movie lover but I've always been more of a TIFF fan.  The love of documentary films is more recent for me, partly from my friendships with Monique Simard, now the Director of the NFB in Quebec and Velcrow Ripper, a director whose extraordinary new film Fierce Light is in Hot Docs and opens in theatres in Toronto and Vancouver on May 15 but also because documentary films have become so important to social change.