Tar Sands as Mordor Hoax Revealed

Travellers at Terminal 3 in the Toronto airport were astounded Tuesday morning to see Gandalf the Grey and several hobbits march their handcuffed prisoner Stephen Harper, dressed as the evil lord Sauron, into a Synacrude Ltd. recruiting meeting. They demanded that Synacrude take him back to Mordor aka the Alberta tar sands, "the hell on earth that he created."

The morning after: where are we and where do we go from here?

It was an extraordinary election. Both Stephen Harper and Jack Layton got the results they were aiming for. Stephen Harper got his majority and Jack Layton replaced the Liberal Party not only as the Official Opposition but quite possibly as the only federal alternatives to the Harperites.   Canada now looks like so many other countries with one party on the Right and one on the Left. So why do I feel so bad?

Vote for the Canada You Want

“We’re going to win, Judy,” Stephen Lewis told me over the phone a few days before the 1990 Ontario election. 
“C’mon Stephen, you guys always get a little delusional as the election approaches,” I replied 
“No, really, we are going to win.” 

" No one can terrorize a whole nation, unless we are all his accomplices." Edward R. Murrow

 Today, the House of Commons formed a virtual lynch mob demanding  the resignation of NDP MP Libby Davies' resignation for saying that the Israeli occupation began in 1948.  She was punked by a phoney blogger who was trying to trap her into saying something unacceptable.  Libby has been an outspoken critic of Israel since she visited Gaza and saw the horrors that Israel is inflicting on the people there.  In her usual quiet courageous way, Libby is one of the few membe

It's not the first time feminists have been told to "shut the fuck up." If we had listened women would still be in the kitchen

Nancy Ruth is a great pro-choice supporter but she is also a Conservative Senator.  Her advice to feminist leaders to "shut the fuck up about abortion" so as not to threaten Harper's initiative on maternal health is no doubt her honest opinion about how best to advance women's rights under this profoundly anti-feminist, anti-choice government, but she is very very wrong.

A new opening for feminists

Yesterday when I heard that Stephen Harper was suddenly taken with a desire to promote maternal health as the key issue for the G8, I have to admit to being perplexed.  I don't think I've ever heard Harper talk about women's issues. Behind the scenes his government, which of course means him, has not only cut funding to most women's groups and the most progressive NGOs like Alternatives and Kairos but have eliminated the word "equality" from their women's bureau.  Harper is no doubt that most anti-feminist PM we have ever had.

Speaking to massive rally for democracy in Toronto

Thanks to Tor Sandberg of rabbletv, here is a speech I gave to the anti-proroguing rally in Toronto.  There were about 10,000 people there and another 15,000 at least across the country'


Obama and Harper: Two bookends of a broken democracy

On Saturday,  January 23  at 1 pm in more than 60 cities and towns, Canadians will hit the street to demand a real democracy in this country.  What started as a protest against the prorogation of Parliament is starting to look like a democracy movement.

Voters in both the United States and Canada are reacting to a broken system.  In the US by voting down the Democratic candidate for Senate in the most Democratic state of Massachusetts and in Canada by this unprecendented uprising.