" No one can terrorize a whole nation, unless we are all his accomplices." Edward R. Murrow

 Today, the House of Commons formed a virtual lynch mob demanding  the resignation of NDP MP Libby Davies' resignation for saying that the Israeli occupation began in 1948.  She was punked by a phoney blogger who was trying to trap her into saying something unacceptable.  Libby has been an outspoken critic of Israel since she visited Gaza and saw the horrors that Israel is inflicting on the people there.  In her usual quiet courageous way, Libby is one of the few membe

Tell Ignatieff, Layton and your MP you want them to vote against gutting the gun registry

Like many others, I am sick with some kind of flu but this is an emergency so I am posting the fact sheet from the Coalition for Gun Control.  On Wednesday November 4 just one month short of the 20th anniversary of the Montreal Massacre when a single gun man slaughtered 14 women shouting, "you are all a bunch of feminists" the Conservatives are hoping to pass a private member's bill that will gut the gun registry, What's worse is that the NDP and Liberals could defeat it if they would impose party discipline on their members, but they won't.  You can make sure they do by flooding Layton and Ignatieff with emails and phone calls between now and then.  Here are the facts: