Michael Jackson

From babbling to crushing on Stephen Harper

Judy is off on vacation for a couple of weeks, so I'm going to take over her blog and post videos of Michael Jackson here.  (Just kidding.  We've all seen enough of that on Twitter and Facebook.  Pam Kapoor wrote an interesting article about that here, in fact.)

What I really want to blog about is social media, which Judy also talks about in her book, in chapter 8.  I just went to a fantastic conference a couple of weeks ago - Social Tech Training 2009.  In a nutshell, the conference was for people who want to learn and share ideas about how to use social media to organize, promote, and create social change.  Instead of taking notes, I tweeted them out on twitter as a way of staying in touch with Judy about what I was learning (since I was there for both of us), and you can find my play-by-play and other participants' notes from the conference under the hashtags #stt09 and #ncwk.  So I won't rehash (ha, get it?) that here.

Instead, I'll talk about my own journey with social media, and I invite you to share yours in the comments here if you feel so inclined.