Obama and Harper: Two bookends of a broken democracy

On Saturday,  January 23  at 1 pm in more than 60 cities and towns, Canadians will hit the street to demand a real democracy in this country.  What started as a protest against the prorogation of Parliament is starting to look like a democracy movement.

Voters in both the United States and Canada are reacting to a broken system.  In the US by voting down the Democratic candidate for Senate in the most Democratic state of Massachusetts and in Canada by this unprecendented uprising.

"Living Well" Social Summit statement to the Presidents of the Americas


The solution will not be found in continuing to convert everything – including life itself - into mere commodities. Instead, the solution must be one that puts ‘Living Well’ for all people above the profits of a few. It is not a question of resolving a financial crisis, but rather overcoming all of the dimensions of the crisis - which include the food, climate and energy crises. This requires guaranteeing the people’s food sovereignty, putting an end to the pillaging of the South’s natural resources, paying the ecological debt that is owed to the South and developing sustainable energy strategies.

 Full statement below

From Quebec City 2001 to Trinidad Tobago 2009 transforming power in the Americas

Latin American leaders will meet with Barack Obama on Friday in a summit of the Americas that will no doubt signify the shift in the balance of powers between the United States and Latin America, which has been taking place over the last decade. In January, another historic summit took place when four of these Presidents, Hugo Chavez, Brazil's Lula, Evo Morales and Rafael Correa of Equador addressed the World Social Forum in Brazil expressing their solidarity with the very movements who opposed the Summit of Americas in Quebec City in 2001.