Stand with Van Jones

"Martin Luther King didn't become famous saying I have a complaint," said Van Jones speaking to the Network of Spiritual Activists.  As you have probably heard one of the most eloquent environmental justice activists in the U.S. has resigned from Obama's White House under a relentless right-wing assault of what he calls "lies and distortions."  You will get some idea of what a visionary he is by watching this short video from Fierce Light

Martin Luther King didn't become famous saying "I have a complaint." Van Jones

Van Jones appears a lot in Transforming Power.  I first found out about him by listening to Velcrow Ripper's podcast a few years ago.  Van was speaking to the Network of Spiritual Progressives.  That's where i heard that line about Martin Luther King.   I figured I gotta meet this guy and I did at Hollyhock that year where he was the keynote speaker.  I've kept up with him since and think he is one of the most visionary thinkers and activists on the planet.  The best news I've heard in a while was that President Obama hired Van Jones as his special advisor on Green Jobs.  Yes Magazine has an interview with Van about why he took the job.