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Thomas Mulcair

Hey Judy

I just finished reading your article on rabble and I have a couple of observations to make.

I feel that I need to remark on the fact that as a lifelong Liberal (who sees very little hope the party of my youth currently in utter shambles) I am excited that Mulcair was elected as leader of the NDP. I see him as a very viable opponent to Stephen Harper. I sincerely hope that all members of the NDP party will rally behind him, and not splinter into the old guard NDP and the new NDP, thereby destroying any hope for our country right now.

And I also have to take issue with your remarks about how he allegedly treats women. We opened our home this weekend to two women who came from Montreal working for Mulcair and have been since the last election. They have nothing but praise to sing about him. Is he perfect? No. Does he need to temper his speeches? Yes. Is he Jack? No. But nobody else is either. Do they believe in him? Absolutely. They feel that he is the hope for Canada, and my opinion is that if we don't want another Conservative majority, we as the 63 percent of Canadians who didn’t vote for Stephen Harper, need to become as excited, heady and exhilarated as these women are about the possibilities that an NDP government under Thomas Mulcair might bring to Ottawa.


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